Widgets by Calum Benjamin


Widgets are small computer engines that can perform entertaining and simple tasks that are easily downloadable. Widgets re placed on a computer dashboard where you can organize your widgets in your own personal way. Widgets perform multiple tasks from being able to translate whole paragraphs in French all the way to providing your dashboard with live scores in any athletic event of your choice. Widgets are very eye-catching and attractive and can make a very cool display on your Dashboard. There are hundreds of widgets all serving their own specific purpose so everyone can make download their own widgets matching with their personality. Apple invented the widget. The company's "Desk Accessories," conceived in 1981 and bundled with the 1984 version of the Mac OS, were small programs that brought useful tools and innovative multitasking to a non-multitasking environment. Many of today's widgets copy the functionality of the original Desk Accessories clocks and calculators for instance.



A very popular widget is the ESPN widget the can provide live baseball, soccer, football, and basketball scores it includes stats and fantasy comparisons this Widget is perfect for any sports fan of any team of any sport. The image below is perfect for any hockey fan at any given time you can push F12 and the newest scores, news, and trades will be given to you for your disposal.



Widgets can also access other programs on your computer for example there is an itunes widget that can play music while you use your widgets. You can alter the volume and track. Other widgets can access your email and alert you if you have recieved a new email. Widgets also come in game form. There are many popular widget games such as: Ms. Pacman, Tetris, Mario bros, hangman,
bejewled,snake, solitaire, sodoku, frogger, battleship, chess.

Iteresting Widget

Widgets also come in intesting, funny, and widgets that match your personality. For intstance, there is a mad lib widget that creates mad libs that are extremly entertaning. There is also a dj widget that allows you to dj your own itune library. There is also a virual chia pet widget that allows you to grow your own pet. There is also flappie the virtual pet. You can feed talk to and play with flappie and mac owners become attached to their flappies

Text messaging Widgets-

There is a whole new wave of technology on mac computers. Callwave companies are the first to create this Widget.
Callwave allows Mac users to send and recieve sms text messages. Mac users can also call people on their
computers and they can also be callled from cell phones to computers