iPods are the most successful MP3s. The iPod is a portable media player and was launched by Apple in the year 2001. The iPod is a digital media player centered around a click wheel; however there are a few buttons. The recent iPod creations are the iPhone; which was released in January of 2007. It is a mobile phone with iPod abilities and internet. Another recent creation by Apple is the display-less iPod shuffle ($79); which was released in October of 2005.

iPods That Have Been Created
  • First Generation iPod
-only worked with Macs
-held 1,000 songs
-scroll wheel
  • Second Generation iPod
-touch wheel
-larger in size
-still only worked on Macs
  • Third Generation
-caught on and was more popular than its predecessors
-had buttons right below the screen and a touch wheel
-could hold 2,000 to 7,500 songs.
-could work on any computer
  • iPod mini
-smaller version which could hold 1,000 songs
-came in five colors: silver, green, pink, blue and gold.
*odd color was accidently released which was hot pink or magenta
  • Fourth Generation
-click wheel
-improved battery life
  • iPod Video~U2 Model
-color screen
-improved battery life
-stored and displayed photos
~U2 model came in red or black and had a limited amount
~had the signatures of U2 and a voucher that let you get their music for free

  • iPod Shuffle
-no screen and no hard disk
-shuffled songs (obviously)
-cheaper than the others
  • iPod Nano
-very small and sleek
-came in black and white
-had some issues like breaking easily and being scratched
  • iPod Video
-even thinner
-you could watch video