By: Lauren Fafalak

Hello Everyone! My topic is iPhoto! iPhoto is a program that helps you manage, edit, and put your photo's on the
internet. It helps you fix red eye. crop pictures, and create slideshows using your itunes music. iPhoto can hold up to
about 250,000 pictures. Iphoto helps you easily scan and copy you pictures into your computer. It also helps you
Organize and manage your photos by date and occasion.milana.pngIPhoto6.jpg
There have been many iPhoto's that have been modified and made better by the mac company. The programs has
been modified over 6 times! here are some of the older versions
Iphoto_4.0_small.png IPhoto_5.jpg
iPhoto 4 iPhoto 5

You can also use iphoto to make calendars, greeting cards and books. You can
decorate them with different borders and colors and also ofcourse insert pictures.
You can also create webs sites so that you cna shareyour pictures with you friends.

To create a new album, you open iPhoto, go to file, and then click on new album.milana.png

After that it will ask you what you want to name your album. You can name it anything you like.
After you name your album click on the blue button that says "create".

After you click create, your album name will appear on the side menu. click to wear your album is
on the menu.
After you have created your album, go back to your library and you can drap and drop pictures
to your album from the library.

You can keep dragging and dropping your pictures to your folder until you have all the pictures
you want. After you have done this, you can either edit you pictures, make a slideshow, make a book, or make a greeting card.
You can find these options on the bottom of the page of your album.
if you want to delete a picture, you just simply drag it to the trash can on the side where your folder is listed.