Corinne Cathcart



Basic Information

The IPhone is the latest creation of Apple Inc. IPhone is a phone, computer, camera and ipod in one device. The phone was announced January 9th 2007 and is coming out in June 2007. The phone is going to be avalible from the apple store and is using cingular service.
The 4GB version is going to be 499 dollars while the 8GB is going to be 599. The advertisment slogan is "Hello" and aired for the first time during the 79th Academy Awards on Sunday Feb. 25th 2007. Apple Inc. has the "plan to make 3G phones the future"


Touch Screen
  • the touch screen is a 3.5 LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.
  • the tough screen is made of bare skin fingers so no stylus is provided or useful.
  • the touch screen includes a virtual touch screen keyboard
  • the keyboard has spell chaeck and dictionary that learns new words


  • the phone allows conferencing, call holding, merging, caller Id. Etc.
  • Some of the other features of the phone play into the calls made.
    • For ex. when the user receives a call the song playing on they Ipod fades out and when they end the call eh sng fades back in.
  • The phone also works with visual voice mail which lets you choose the message you listen to without having to listen to the previous ones
  • here.png

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  • the iphone includes a two megapixel camera with video.
  • this camera lets you upload, email and download pictures
  • the camera on the phone interacts with iphoto on a mac computer.
the library of the ipod on the iphone is slightly differnt layout then the one on regular ipods.
  • the ipod ont the iphone is a video ipod sp you are able to watch movies and TV shows

  • the IPhone has built in wi-fi so the iphone accesses the internet wirelessly.
  • the Iphone uses the safari browser
  • the web pages are complete and not simplified like most phones.
  • another part of internet is that the Iphone can access google maps.
    • you can find a local coffee shop and call it with one click of a button
  • Yahoo provides an email sevice to IPhone
  • full version of mac OS X
  • the IPhone mac system wil be updated just as ipods and regular macs are updated now.
  • widgets are included on the Phone
  • built in battery that can provide 5 hours of video, web and talk time.
  • the battery life for music playing is 16hours
  • new headphones similar to the Ipods will be added, the reason they are special is because they include a microphone that if you squeeze will work, this is for when a caller wants to answer phone while listening to an IPod.
  • there is also a loud speaker.
  • it also incorperates ICal and Address Book into the IPhone.