by Victoria Rodriguez

iMovie is a video editing software application which allows users to edit their own home movies.
It originally came out from Apple as a Mac OS X program.

How does it work?

iMovie is compatible with most digital cameras. It loads the video on to the Mac computer, from there you can edit the movie.

What can you do with your movie once it is in iMovie?

You are able to add titles and music to it. You can us the effects to cover basic color correct and video enhancement tools.You can add transitions such as fade-in, fade-out, and sliders are included.

Features in iMovie

iMovie was realeased in January 2006 as part of iLife '06 suite It is integrated with iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD, Garageband and iWeb.
New features include:
  • Five Apple-designed iMovie "Themes". Designed for ease of use, the user can easily drop movie clips or photos into present themes to give the project a professional look. Each them includes full motion-graphic bumpers and transitions.
  • Real-time effects. There is no longer the need to wait for rendering because iMovie takes advantage of the user's graphic processing unit in their computer.
  • Cinematic real time titling
  • Enhanced Audio tools and effects
  • Multiple open projects
  • Video Podcasts and blogs
  • Refined look based on iTunes