The Wonders of iDVD!
Baker, Milana
Hi guys!!! It's time to learn about iDVD. iDVD is a program that is part of iLife on Mac computers which allows people
to make their own DVD's. It is the last piece of the puzzle to the iLife program of Mac computers. IDVD6.jpg
With iDVD, a person can add quicktime movies, MP3 music, and digital photos onto their own personal DVD.
DVD's can be made about family vacations, family get togethers, graduations, celebrations, or just important moments
in life.
Here's how to start a new project : click on file and then go to new, or just click the apple key and the letter N.
The first thing you have to do is pick a theme for your DVD.
Once you pick a theme (i chose the reflection white theme) you have to edit your main page.
Now you can add media and text to your main page.
media.pngnow you can add different things to your DVD and make your own personal DVD. :-) HAVE FUN!!