Fishman, Samuel

What is eBay?

eBay is a site where you can buy or sell used and new products with a goal of saving money.
Say I'm looking for a basketball and I don't feel like paying the money for a brand new store basketball from an expensive place such as Paragon.

Below is what it looks like when you type in a search keyword such as "Basketball" Here is one page of results that came up when i typed "Basketball" into the search engine. As you can see there are many different options as to what I want to purchase


Once I look down the list I can find the product that I am interested in purchasing. This is what it looks like once you click one of the links on the page.

On the top left you can see the name of the product, and pictures about the product. Next to the Current Bid you can see how much the item is up for and if you are interested you can click the Place Bid > button. Under that it shows you the End time of the product. This means how long it will be until the auction is over and whoever has the highest bid when it ends will get the item. Under that is basic information such as Shipping costs, item location, where the item can be shipped, the highest bidder, and how many bids have been made on the item. On the right side is the seller, we can see his reputation, if people had any complaints about him to see if hes a legitimate seller, and you can ask him questions about the product. When you're using eBay the only way to go is PayPal, it is the most safe way of transaction, and it is the only way of an insured purchased.

The pic under this shows the specifics about the item, any buyer should scroll down from the main buying page and
look at all of the sellers notes. The seller will describe the item's condition and all of it's specifics.


Once you click Place a Bid if you like the item this window will come up if you aren't signed in. You can make a buyer
account or sign in to complete your purchase. If you are selling an account the registration is a little bit different.


Aside from buying an item, you can also sell items. This is what makes eBay so popular to use. Be aware of scammers because they are out there. Never purchase an item without many pictures with a tag of the persons name on it to verify that it is theirs as well as an item without a tracking number. Also, you should only use Paypal with a verified seller when purchasing items. If you take safety precautions eBay is a great place where you can usually get what you need for a price that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Making Purchases on eBay


What is Paypal?

Paypal is a great way to pay for online merchandise. Paypal is the ideal form of eBay purchase, as I talked about earlier in the presentation.
The Picture above shows the page that comes up when you first log into paypal.

When Making a Paypal username the paypal menu will give you three options to describe what you need Paypal to do for you. You can either make a For Online Shoppers account, in which a casual shopper would purchase things online such as the occasional basketball or pair of shoes. The Casual sellers button is for someone who has something that he or she wants to sell on eBay but is not a consistant eBay merchant. The third option is for Business owners, this basically means that the person makes their living selling other peoples things and their things on eBay. This is the best version of paypal but it is also the most demanding and should not be used unless you are a business owner.

Once I click Start Now on the link "For Online Shoppers" I proceed to the next step.

It's the Standard Internet registration sheet, you enter your name, address, city, state, zipcode, and some security information. Then you type in the box letters "S5D96" and Click "I Agree. Create My Account"

After you click "I Agree. Create My Account" The following page will appear.
Paypal will make sure the e-mail you gave it is real, all you have to do is go to your e-mail, confirm that it is real, click the link in the e-mail, and then enter your password. After that you're ready to make Paypal purchases!