Wireless Networks
by Connor Godfrey and Qassim Ghaffaar
There are many different ways Wireless networks can be used. They are used to transfer information to different sources via satelite, get rid of cables, connect to the internet, and allow cell phones to transfer data and make and recieve calls. Cell phones and computers use wireless networks to recieve information and to gain access to the internet. People all over the world use wireless networks to transfer information quickly.

There are 6 different types of wireless networks.



  • Wireless LAN- or Local Area Network uses radio waves to transfer data back and forth between different users on the same networks.
  • Global System for Mobile Communications- or GSM is diveded into 3 different parts. These parts are the switching system, the base station system, and the operation and support system. It is used for cell phones. The cell phone connects to the base station, which then sends it to connect to the opperation and support system, it is then sent to the switching system which transfers the call to where ever it needs to go.
  • Personal Communications System- or PCS is used by cellular phones in North America. Sprint was the first one to use this system.
  • D-AMPS- or Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service is a newer version of AMPS, but this network is being outdated by the newer GSM.
  • Wi-Fi- broadcast radio waves


However, for all the great things that come with wireless networks there are also problems. There are compatibility issues between hardware . Different companie's hardware does not work together and sometimes connections might not work well. Also, wireless networks are slower than if they are connected directly through and Ethernet cable. Security issues also are worse than if they are connected directly to the internet through a cable. It is much easier to hack into computers when they are using wireless network which can lead to identity theft which is becomming a big problem. Firewalls are normally used to stop people from hacking into computers, but they do not work as well if they are being used with a wireless network.