Wikipedia is a web-based and multilingual encyclopedia. It is written collaboratively by groups of volunteers but anyone that has access to the pages is able to edit them. The primary servers are in Tampa, Florida but and there are also servers in Amsterdam and Seoul. The site is opperated by the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation and run by co-founder Jimmy Wales

The English edition of Wikipedia was launched on January 15, 2001. The number of English articles surged after the first few years of Wikipedia being available to the public. Wikipedia is the tenth most visited site in the world.

To edit a Wikipedia page, it is most convenient to create a Wikipedia account. Click "create an acount" in the top right hand corner of the Wikipedia home page.

A page like this will come up. Click "Create one" to make an account.


Create a username and password that you can eaisly remember to create an account in which you can edit and create Wikipedia Pages.


Now that you have an account, you can browse through Wikipedia pages. To search a certain topic, locate the search box on the right hand tab of the window.

To edit a page, go to the tab at the top of the page that says "edit page." You can edit text or upload pictures.

Wikipedia is mostly correct informaion but because anyone can edit the page, it is not considered a reliable source for school projects.