Elizabeth Douglass

40,000 to 50,000 kids in 37 different states are enrolled in virtual school
a growing education trend

Most kids choose a more traditional route for education, and physically
attend college. However, with the technology age growing, it is becoming
more popular for kids to get their college credits, by taking classes online.

Why? images-2.jpeg
It is more conveniant for some kids to have a job, and at the same time earn
credits. Students are given their assignments and lessons online, and their are
usually 100 people in a class.

Go on google and type in virtual schools...a list of them will appear. Just go to the websites and their will be information about the courses and instructions on how to register

Opens new horizons-gives a good education especially to kids in rural areas or with special physical needs.

Lack of face to face interaction
difficulty to provide good oversight
question of giving state money to an outside district or charter school