Friedman, Remy

How To Use Powerpoint

By Remy Friedman


Microsoft Powerpoint is a very useful tool when creating a visual aid to help along a report. A title slide is vital to this digital report. When creating a title slide, you can introduce your topic in a very creative way. You can add a document template, which can set the tone of the presentation, either business-like and professional, or a more playful, calm version. You can add to the feeling by changing type font, size, and color.


In addition to the title slide, you can also add many other types of slides, ranging from a slide with solely words to a slide with pictures, charts, and animations

The following is a PowerPoint that I created previously this year on the keyboard.

As you can see, I have created a title slide, like I mentioned previously. I have tried to create a look that will indicate seriousness, choosing a very pixilated background, like a computer. Next, I showed a picture or a keyboard, which you can easily import from the web. To import a picture, click on the link that looks like this:

This makes adding images an easy thing to do. Throughout the next couple of slides, I mixed written text with visual images. PowerPoint makes this an easy task. On the last slide, there is an action button. These buttons allow the presenter to do various things, such as access the next or previous slide, skip to the end of a PowerPoint presentation, or, as mine does, allow you to return back to the beginning of the presentation.

Compared to the following PowerPoint screenshot, my presentation seems very low-tech. The next screenshot is from a PowerPoint by Colin Powell, showing how complicated and diverse you cna get by using PowerPoint.


In Powell's PowerPoint, in order to get the full effect, he probably added videos and sounds. To do this, he clikced "Insert-->Movies and Sounds-->Movie From Gallery". This way, you can make PowerPoint interactive.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool that can be utilized by anybody. It is a great tool to use in order to pass information from person to person. Take a chance and try it, see what you can do.