Will Hochman

As defined on, multimedia is "the combined use of several media, as sound and full-motion video in computer applications."

Basically, multimedia is audio, video, and animation combimed into one thing

Audio - "the field of sound recording, transmission, reception, and reproduction."

Audio can be produced using many different kinds of devices
external image Harman_Kardon_6_1_Home_Theater_Speaker_System_Hkts8.jpg external image record%20player.jpg external image earphones-satelliteradio-shure-white.jpg

Video - "the elements of television, as in a program or script, pertaining to the transmission or reception of the image"

Videos can be online...

Videos can be on Portable Devices...
external image video%20ipod.jpg external image creative%20zen%20vision2%20m.jpg external image 20052.jpg

Videos can be on television...
external image seinfeld.jpg external image 0000035125_20061021055829.jpg?y=626&sig=vaOff4CLaT559YMggPNlkg-- external image 0000000679_20060919022124.jpg?x=360&y=284&sig=zq0TJleM53CV0qbucUCWag--

And videos can be movies and more...
external image borat_lebanon0109.jpg external image 1687.jpg external image AnchormanPoster.jpg

Animation - "the making of animated cartoons "

Animation can be combined with videos...
external image shake.gif external image CG.jpg

These cartoons can be used to create games...

Multimedia has changed the world around us.
It has brought videos to a large part of daily life through presentations, entertainment and more.
Many of the games we play are composed of audio, video, and animation together.
Thus, it is a direct result of mulitmedia.