Nick Giordano & Todd Holtan

Everone in the world has a choice between Mac and PC, which choice will you make???

180px-DesktopX_Objects.jpgThe widgets on the dashboard of a mac are extremely useful and come in handy very often. The new Vista from windows has made a bootleg dashboard on the side of the screen, which isn't half as good as Mac dashboards...
We hate computer viruses!!! Macs don't get them... which is a very good thing.
PC's on the other hand get viruses very often, and most of the time the virus protection doesn't even work...

In our view, Macs are much better than PCs...........Let's see why......

Have you ever cursed out your PC??? Macs have been noted by many as being extremely reliable, whereas we constantly get these
stupid error messages on our PC.... Macs do not get these half as much as PCs do.

PC's need extra software, that don't work half the time, to protect it from viruses. Mac's don't need that software and are protected from all 114,000 viruses. All Mac's programs are encrypted so only you can get into them.

Are you familiar with this? If so you know the trouble it can be.
Not to be mean to PC or anything, but Macs also look much nicer. Not that this makes the speed any different but Macs are lighter, smaller, and sleeker than PC's

Windows Vista Ultimate is one of the best of the versions of Vista... We find it retarded that Windows came out with 6!!! YES 6 versions of Windows Vista... It get so hard to figure out which one to purchase.... for $300, you might get a good versions that has 5 million demo programs that slow your computer down.. For the basic, you might not get all of the programs you want or need..... It gets really confusing after a while.. Macs, on the other hand, have one version of the newest operating system, so that you don't get screwed over with what you buy.