Dell DJ

Kaitlin Kirker

The first-generation of Dell Digital Jukeboxes started out with two models:
- the 15GB version was sold for about $199
- the 20GB version was sold for $250
- these original models featured voice recording

external image dell_djs.jpg
The second-generation of Dell digital jukeboxes began with 5GB (2,500 songs) Dell Pocket DJ
- differences were its smaller physical size and firmware that achieved Microsoft PlaysForSure certification
- Dell has produced 15GB, 20GB and 30GB versions of their players.
- The Dell Pocket DJ is a pocket sized player released in 2004.
-the pocket Dj is the same price as the 4GB Apple iPod Mini, which is now discontinued.
- The Pocket DJ has a 10 hour battery life and charges through a USB plug either through the computer or electrical outlet.
- It displays a blue 160 by 104 pixel screen to make it easier to read the screen at night
- The buttons also light up on the front, providing easy navigation. The buttons include, Back, Home, Previous/Rewind, Play/Pause, and Next/FastForward.
- the Pocket DJ has a small scroll barrel that can be used to scroll through the menu. When you scroll to a song, you push down on the barrel and a menu comes up asking you if you want to play the song, add it to a playlist, delete it, etc.

In 2005, Dell introduced the Dell DJ Ditty
- it was a 512MB (220 songs) flash memory based player
- this MP3 player is much smaller in size physical and includes an FM radio
- It has a small screen showing the track that is currently playing.
- Different color caps are available for purchase through Dell. Both blue and black caps come with th Dell DJ Ditty
In August 2006 Dell discontinued production of the Dell DJ Ditty

dell-dj-packaging.pngdell-dj-packaging.pngexternal image dell-dj-packaging.pngPackaging
external image dell_ipod_mini.jpg
Dell Pocket DJ vs. mini iPod and iPod
external image 050920_dj_ditty.jpg
Dell DJ Ditty vs. iPod Shuffle
external image 300px-Musicmatch_Jukebox_Screenshot.PNG
Musicmatch Jukebox - software associated with Dell DJ products
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Parts of the Dell DJ
external image dell_dj_pkt_300.jpg
Dell DJ
external image 1A0194574-large.jpg
Protective case for Dell DJ
external image 1A0225288-large.jpg
Dell DJ in protective case
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external image Belkin_DELL_Pocket_DJ_MP3_Case_Dell_DJ_MP3_Accessories_F8E573-DL.jpg
another type of case
external image 12DJCASE-large.jpg230px-Dell_dj_ditty.jpg