J.J. Franco

LapTops in its most simple definition is a portable computer. They benefit the modern human in many different ways; offering almost no boundries to capabilities. They hold the ability to carry work or other material wherever the owner wants. And because most use Lithium Batteries, they can work without an outside power source for multiple hours. LapTops are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. And with more and more inventions aiding the LapTop, they just keep getting better.

16 Ways On How Having a LapTop Can Benefit the Student

  1. -Most laptops are lightweight-therefore making them mobile.

  2. -Because the laptops are mobile, they increase access time.

  3. -The light-weight alows the student to easily be moved around the classroom.

  4. -You can hook up to a wireless connection.

  5. -Portable on field trips

  6. -While on field trips students have access to sources (wireless or internet connected laptops).

  7. -The same benefits exist in classes

  8. -Participate in virtual communities for example (

  9. -Gives the students the ability to use search engines.

  10. -Students can easily share files and transfer information from one maching to

  11. another. -Makes group work much easier and faster.

  12. -Presentations are easier to do and much more organized.

  13. -Note taking is much faster and easier to do.

  14. -The notes can be shared immediately by printing or transfering.

  15. -The students have the ability to process their data, analysis ; and to incorporate online databases and spreadsheets.

  16. -Students with data processing can easily and immeadiatly check their results

These advantages are leading to more and more schools aquiring interenet connection within their zones.

Percent of Public School Instructional Rooms With Internet Access
Not only are schools becoming more equipped with internet or wirless connection, but now many public places around the country are beginning to aquire wireless internet for the student, bussiness person or just a person.
Such as:
Starbucks Coffe
Starbucks Coffe attracts a lot of customers because it is a wireless internet hotspot; allowing customers to bring their laptops and complete work or surf the internet while enjoying one of the many beverages offered.
Central Park NYC
Just recently, New York City's Central Park aquired a wireless internet connection.

A Plan for the Community of New Striaghtsville in Ohio
This is a plan for the wireless internet coverage in New Straitsville. Within the circles, men and women will be connected.

Wireless Internet or WiFi uses radio waves just as radios and televisions do. In fact it is very similar to a two-way radio connection.
First, a computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and then transmits it via an intenna. Second, a wireless
router recieves the signal and decodes it. The information is then sent to a wired Ethernet connection. This process also works in reverse.
The wireless internet adapter transmits the translated data via intenna.
wireless-network-new-5.jpgThe data is then recieved by a wireless router such as the ones to above and is decoded. More recent laptops have these routers built within them.

Throughout the last two decades LapTops keep becoming more advanced, affordable and lighter/smaller. The latest advancment was public wireless connection. And within the next few decades LapTops will become even greater .wireless-network-new-5.jpg