Shannon Cohall

Never used a handheld before? That's okay becaus the z22 was desinged for the novice handheld owner. It is easy and fun to use, with a tutorial on the handheld. Thanks to the Palm Z22 organizer, you now have one place for all those tiny details in your life—restaurant recommendations, your nephew's birthday, web site passwords, and much more. Find any of it in seconds just by entering in a name or topic in the search bar.The z22 is simple to use with basic programs such as contact list, calendar, memo, notepad, games, tasks, world clock, photos, etc. there are many ways to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. The screens below show the monthly, weekly and daily calendars.

Monthly Calendar

The monthly view gives you a general look at your occupied days and your free-as-a-bird days.

Week Calendar

The Weekly view is a little more detailed look at your meetings, etc. You can scroll between weeks, and tap an event to view the event description and location.

Daily Calendar

The day view gives you a very detailed glance at your day. Every hour is listed with a title of each of your events.

Agenda View

This screen shows what appointments you have for the day and your task-whether its picking up a birthday card or going grocery shopping.
If you don't want to forget an appointment you can schedule an alarm days, hours, or minutes before an event. If you have an ongoing event then you can set it to repeat at the same time for every meeting or club.
You can categorize events and then add a different color to each category. For instance, you can assign all your work appointments the color blue, and your family appointments green. Or, assign a different color to each family member. View all the events of a specific color alone—like your spouse's schedule, for example—or view all events together. If you don't want to be the only one to view your daily schedule you can hook up your z22 to the computer and transfer the calendar. then print it and post it anywhere in your house.

Contacts View

This screen shows your contact list at a glance. If you want to get more information about a person, just tap on their name and a new screen will open up. (picture below).

Single Contact View

Here you can see all the information you entered about someone. (home, work, cell phone numbers, address, e-mail, etc. Add a note to a contact with directions to their house or when their birthday (picture below). You can also add a photo to to contacts so you can always see their wonderful face. Just download their picture from the computer to the z22.

Adding a Birthday

Then add an alarm for the day before someone's birthday and a reminder to get a present. This is good because you now always be the one to remember everyone's birthday.

Categorizing Your Contacts

Here you can keep all your contacts even more organized. MAke categories such as: Family, Neighbors, Friends, Work, Restaurants, Recreation, After School Activities, etc. Then you can see your contacts in their respective lists or view all of them together.


Now you can even make a contact for yourself. Then you beam it as a Business Card and send it to other Palm Products. This is done on an infrared port.

There are so many ways to enter all of this information on to your z22. First you can open up the onscreen keyboard and type things like that. All you have to do is just tap on the letter you want and it comes on the screen.
You can also enter information by just writing the letters like when you're writing on paper.