Katherine Greissman





WWW.GOOGLE.COM is one of the most commonly used websites on the Internet, providing one of the most reliable and conveniant search engines online. With this website, comes tools that everyone is able to use and take advantage of, ranging from the search engine that greets you on thier home page to video, news, and map tools that help you locate articles, video clips, and maps that you may need to acquire.


Starting with the most commonly used tool, Google Web is the web search engine that enables you to scan the Internet for any topic, subject, or website you might be looking for! When you first go to WWW.GOOGLE.COM, you are greeted with their homepage, displaying the Google Logo and a text box, where you may type in what you are searching for. Clicking on the PREFERENCES button to the right of the text box, you are able to control other various options that you may use to help facilitate your search. You may change the language of which the Google website is displayes in and you may also choose whether you only want your search to find files in a certain language, or all languages. Another option that is open to you is whether you want to use the SafeSearch Filtering option, which allows you to choose the degree to which google filters throught the search pages, taking out any pages that display any explicit language or images. You can also change how many results are visible to you per page, which can make your job a whole lot easier if you can quickly slide through 20 to 100 results. Also, you can decide whether you would like to have your search results pop up as a seperate display page, for your convenience. All of these options help to facilitate your searches on Google, and can help you be extremely productive when working and searching on the web.
When you first open the Google Homepage, you can see the different options on top of the text box, displaying WEB, IMAGES, VIDEO, NEWS, MAPS, and MORE.



Using these other options on the top of the text box, you can also scan the web for useful images you may want to access. Using Video, you can search the web for clips that you may want to post on blogs, websites, or even places like myspace. You can then further narrow down your search by clicking on the genre you would like to search within.



Googe News offers the convenience of scanning the online News pages for the articles you want to access. You can file your search down to news published as recent as an hour ago to consisting of everything posted within this past month. Under this News option, you can also search under archives and blogs. You can search through thousands of archives and blogs, using the same scanner for time relevance.



Google Map allows you to look at a map of the world! You can use their arrow buttons to go across and up and down the map, as well as using the dial to zoom in and out. Using this incredible feature, you can also see balloons which resemble important businesses or indunstries at a certain area. These balloons are labeled with a letter, allowing you to use the key to the left of the screen to read more abou the business. You may also just click on the balloon to have the information pop uop at you rght on the screen. However, the detail of this map is truly amazing, letting you zoom in to streets and buildings, seeing which way traffic goes, and identifying different districts, burrows, and sections of cities.


Using this tool, you can search the web for books that you need to acquire, or want to do research on. It opens up pages that allow you to read the book's pages or reviews of the book. This also comes with the feature at the bottum that allows you to check local libraries for the book you are looking for, which can make tracking down this book extremely easy. This tool is an impressive googe feature that everyone can use, especially applying to all age groups.



When using this impressive feature, you are able to search for products and items you are looking to buy online. When searching for things like moon shoes to laptops, hundreds of search results pop up, connecting you to items available at online stores such as Ebay, Novelty Bin.com, and hundreds of others that you might have never known about. This tool is extrememly useful in comparing prices on other sites for the same product, and helping you to find the cheapest available price for anything you may need. When searching, you have the option of sorting your finds by relevance, price, or product and seller ratings. All of these attributes make GOOGLE PRODUCTS one of the newest and most inovative google tools yet!



GOOGLE GROUPS provides people with groups they can join for thier interests or to meet others online and chat with people who want to discuss similar topics and ideas. Using GOOGLE GROUPS, you can create your own custom pages, customize your online look and graphics, and chat with people online or by Gmail. It only takes 3 simple steps to create your own group too, so it's fast and easy to get your own groups and discussions going! First, you create and account on Google. Next, you setup your group, and lastly you just invite people, simple as that. If you're not sure about what you're getting into by creating an account, or what exactly these groups are or look like, you can take the google tour provided to check out a sample page that shows you discussion boards and the home page of a sample group. When you first log on to GOOGLE GROUPS, you are greeted by a selection of groups which you can look into such as recreatinal, arts and entertainment, and society and humanity groups. All in all, this is a great and easy Google tool which can help you socialize even more!


As this name implies, this is a search engine for patents on different machines and mechanisms. Using this truyly unique tool, you can look up any machine y ou can think of and either view or download its patent. This could be extremely usefull for all of those who want to explore and further understand the mechanisms around them, or for those who are trying to build a machine of their own.

This page has introduced you to a few of the many different Google tools. To explore them all, all you need to do is check out google for yourself, and under the ...MORE button, click the next ...MORE button! This will bring you to all the google tools available, and all of them, I must say, are truly impressive, inovative, and extrodinarily useful.