Pierce Gibson


The History of Garageband and What It Is.....

Garageband is an application where one can create songs using loops or record your own sounds via microphone. It was created by Apple Computers for the (at the time) new operating system, Mac OS X. Garageband was announced in 2004 during the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, during Steve Jobs' Keynote presentation. Garageband 2 was introduced in 2005. It shipped January 2005. Major new features included the abilities to view and edit music in Musical Notation form, to record up to 8 tracks at once, to fixing and pitch of recordings, to automate track pan position, master, and master pitch, to transpose both audio and MIDI and to import MIDI files. Garageband 3 (announced at 2006's Macworld Conference & Expo) includes a 'podcast studio', including the ability to use more than 200 effects and jingles, and integration with iChat for interviews.

How To Create A Song On Garageband Using Pre-Recorded Loops....

1) Open Garageband and then click on the Picture_2.png. This will send you too a data base of loops.

2) After clicking the Picture_2.png a data base will open where you can choose many loops:


3) To Start off the song, I put in a Rock drum loop.


4) Second I put in a Bass Guitar loop in the style of Southern Rock.


5) I then put in an Electric Guitar loop that was in the style of Sourthern Rock.


6) To finish off my Garageband song, I added a Rock Organ loop that was also in the style of Southern Rock.


I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Garageband.
Thank You
-Pierce Gibson