Boulbol, Lauren

Digital Camera

Digital Cameras are devices that are used to take and store pictures in a digital format instead of using negatives. Digital Cameras
also have the ability to record videos like video cameras. The newer the Digital Camera the more adavanced functions it has.
Digital Cameras are classified into many different categories.

Eugene F. Lally was the first person to introduce the idea of producing still photographs. He thought that it could be used by
astronaunts during missions to send images back and forth between space and the space station.

The first real digital camera first hit the market in 1988, it was the Fuji DS-1P. It had 16mb of internal memory. It was never sold in
the United States. The first digital camera that was sold all over the world was the Kodak DCS-100 in 1991. The formation of
Digital Cameras was aided by the invention of the first JPEG and MPEG. This allowed images and video files to be compressed
for storage. The first consumer camera that had a liquid crystal display on the back was the Casio QV-10 that was introduced in

Classification of Digital Cameras

Video Cameras

- There main purpose is to record moving images
- Professional Cameras have multiple image sensors that sence each color to enhance the picture

external image video-camera.jpg

Live Preview Digital Cameras

- These are cameras that use a electronic screen to frame and preview pictures before people take pictures
- There is a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen or a Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)
- Many have a movie mode that has ability to record videos and sound
- The most popular ones have a liquid crystal display. It is used to preview and review photographs after they are taken
- There are two types of live previre digital cameras. They are compact (and subcompact) and bridge (or prosumer) cameras
- The Live Preview Digital Cameras trace back to the electronic (video) television cameras that were first used in the 1940s and
external image 250px-Loaded_canon_a95.jpg
Cannon Power Shot A95

Compact Digital Cameras

- Also known as digicams
- They are the easiest digital cameras to use
- The design allows for a limited motion picture capability
- They have a smaller zoom than the bridge cameras
- Used by professional photographers to make their pictures look flat or artifical-looking
- Pictures are typicaly saved in the JPEG format
external image 250px-A60.jpg
Cannon Power Shot A60

Bridge Cameras

- These cameras are high-end Live-Preview Digital Cameras
- This camera is the midpoint between professional digital cameras and consumer digtital cameras
- They have superzoom lenses which have a "do it all" ability
- C-They come with one non-interchangeable lens. You can buy accessories like wide-angle lens when needed
- Take very clear compact pictures
- They have "superzoom" lens
- Can save as JPEG's or as RAW materials
- The last Bridge Cameras were made in 2004 by Canon (PowerShot Pro1), Nikon (Nikon Coolpicx 8000) and Olympus (C-8080
Wide). There have been no replacements made for these cameras and they have been discontinued. They were discontinued
because of competition from the Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras
external image 250px-S9000.jpg
Fujifilm FinePix S9000

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras

- Also Known As DSLR or Digital SLR
- They operate on the same concept as 35mm film single-flex cameras
- Uses a mirror to show the image that will be captured in the viewfinder
- The biggest disadvantage of the DSLR Cameras are that they are parallex-free (the change in angular position of stationary
points), because light goes directly through the lens not through an off-axis viewfinder
- You can see the image exactly as it will appear when the image is captured
- They come with interchangable lens that makes it possible to take clear picutres from far away

external image 220px-Cam_06.jpg
Kodak SLR Camera: A full frame DSLR

Today Digital Cameras are used by people all over the world to capture images. People prefer to use Digital Cameras today because
you can instantly see the image captured on the screen. People also prefer to use Digital Cameras because you can edit the pictures
on your computer after uploading the pictures onto their computer.