What is a computer virus?

There are many different computer viruses that exist among the world wide web.
Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to go and interfere with the programs on other computers.
Viruses are very easily spread, mainly by email attachments, instant messages, or downloading files online.
Viruses can be disguised as funny pictures, greetings, or video files.
A virus can copy itself and infect a computer.
Computer viruses are much like real viruses in the sense that they can copy itself and can only spread from an
infected computer to another computer.
Some viruses are programmed to destroy computers, delete files, or ruining the hard drive.
Other viruses are not really designed for damage, but are there to replicate themselves to other computers and
to send advertisements around usually in the form of text, video, or audio messages.

Many anti virus programs exist that you can use to clean your computer from these viruses.


A computer virus is very similar to AIDS. AIDS stands for Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
It is caused by a retrovirus called HIV. Just like a virus that infects your computer causes your computer to start
breaking down, when HIV infects your body your immune system starts breaking down.

apple computers don't get bugs, they get worms!