Jessica Iori and Julia Miller

There are many different cell phone companies that offer a variety of different plans. Companies include:
- Cingular
- Verizon Wireless
- Nextel
- Sprint
There is also a variety of cell phones as well.
1. Go Phones
a. Bar Phones
b. Slider Phones
2. Flip Phones
3. Music Phones
4. Camera Phones

History of Cell Phones:

The first cell phones were used in taxi cabs and police cars. In 1970, cell phones were able to move throughout a few areas, unlike before by the advancements invented by Amos Edward Joel. In 1971 AT&T proposed a cellular service. In 1982 the FCC approved the proposal. This man holding the cell phone is holding one of the first cell phones ever made.

The Different Features of the Cell Phones:

- A camera
- Video Capabilities
- MP3 player
- Text Messaging
- Instant Messaging
- Blue Tooth
- Speakerphone
- Capability to download music, games and ringtones.
- Conference calls
- Access to the news.

Advanced work related cell phones generally have other advance features. These phones are called Smart Phones.
- Has Microsoft Word
- Windows Media Player
- Blue Tooth
- Email
- MP3 player
- Email capability
- Internet Access
- Hands free speakerphone and microphone
- Ability to synchronize your desktop and calendar wirelessly

Interesting Facts

- In the Uk there are more mobile phonese than people.
- In 2015 China will have over 4 million cell phone users.
- The total number of mobile phone users in 2005 was 2.14 billion.
- In 2006 80% of the worlds population had cell phones.
- India adds 6 million mobile phones every month.

As you can see the number of cell phones all over the world has grown tremendously.