Allegra Natsios

Animation has been very common and we see it everyday on TV and in movies. There are several different ways to make animation:

Stop motion
Frame by frame
Cell animation
These are the most common forms of animation.

Stop motion:
The animator literally takes a picture, changes the position or scene, and then takes another picture. After each shoot, the scene must be changed, making this more time consuming. Movies that used stop motion are:
"Chicken Run": uses clay animation
"Wallace and Gromit": also uses clay animation

Frame by frame
Frame by frame animation is very common and easy to create. Each frame is one part of the whole motion; technically each frame is one second of the whole movement. Using Flash, it is easy to make frame by frame animation. First, create an object in the first frame. In each subsequent frame, move the object so that it creates the movement you want. As each frame represents one part of the motion, you decide whether more or less frames is better. The more frames there are, the smoother the motion looks. But at the same time, the motion is slower. The less frames there are, the movement is faster, but more abrupt and choppy.
To create frames, first draw a shape or object. Then, press F6 to move the object for the second frame. After each time you move the object, press F6 to create another frame and move the object again.

Cel animation
The animator draws each movement as one picture. Each frame becomes a drawing and each drawing is
transferred to transparent sheets called cels. Before computers, each frame would be photographed by using a
camera. Then each frame would be put together to create movement. Now with advanced technology, we can
just scan each drawing into the computer, which puts the frames of motion together. Most movies and cartoons are made by cel animation.